Aslam Shaikh is acting as State Minister currently for Maharashtra. Recently, he quotes a statement to reporters that, “the government will come up with fresh restrictions to curb the corona-virus spread on Tuesday itself.”

What Else Maharashtra Minister Has To Say?

Guardian Minister said to reporters that,” the state government will also have to decide guidelines.” The guidelines will be regarding the people returning from Kumbh Mela in Haridwar. As COVID-19 appropriate behavior was not followed at that congregation.”

Maharashtra’s Chief Minister has been into conversation with Corona Virus task forces. He shares the scenario with political Leaders. Oppositions involvement was also there in the meeting. Weekend Lockdowns along with Nigh Curfews are the topics of discussion.


Thackeray said, “We will come up with fresh guidelines today to break the chain of coronavirus. There will be a standard operating procedure for the entire state, which will be announced (on Tuesday) itself.”

CM has also given a hint at the imposition of an extended lockdown in the state to curb the surge in cases. Traders and Members concerns were listen during meeting as per Shaikh.

Source: Economic times

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