Corona Virus or Novel Corona is one of the most transmitting virus of the year 2020. This has been budding the pandemic situations where, people have been known with infinite number of Myths. Let us bring to you the Mythbusters for the same.

WHO (The World Health Organization) has mentioned a few for awareness and a better understanding of the Virus. Top 10 Facts according to WHO.


FACT 1. Masks should not be worn at the time of exercise.

FACT 2. At the time of Swimming, Covid Virus does not transmit in the water.

low effective Shoes in covid

FACT 3. Shoes can not help in transmitting COVID-19.

FACT 4. It is not bacteria, that causes Covid 19, It is the virus.


FACT 5. Alcohol is Dangerous, hence it can not protect you from COVID-19.


FACT 6. Mosquito bites can not spread Corona Virus.


FACT 7. Hot Bath is not a shield for Corona Virus Prevention.


FACT 8. Snowfall and Freezing weather are not Corona’s protectors.


FACT 9. Hot and Humid climate can help the virus to spread more.


FACT 10. Houseflies cannot transmit Corona Virus.

Source: WHO


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