Covid 19 introduced the millennial to Pandemic Era. Social distancing with COVID preventive measures has played a vital role. This Duration has triggered stress too. People across the globe have been fighting with stress and anxiety during COVID.

Stress and anxiety prevent by top 10 nutrients are below:

Causing a historic rise in mental health and substance use. Depressive disorders and deaths were common. Suicides and consumption of illegal drugs were successfully inching in the graphs.


Here are a few food nutrients that help you eliminate Anxiety and Stress.

  1. Herbal Tea: Promote Calmness
  2. Dark Chocolate: Anti-oxidant Rich
  3. Whole Grains: Boost Mood
  4. Avocadoes: Stress buster
  5. Fish: Promote Heart Health
  6. Warm Milk: Sound Sleep
  7. Nuts: Stress buster
  8. Citrus Fruits: Stress Busters
  9. Probiotics: Manage Stress
  10. High Fiber Fruits: Reduce Anxiety

Source: Everyday Health

Photo Source: American Society for Nutrition , American Heart Association


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