A few days back, 3 idiots actor Aamir Khan quits his Social Media Platforms. He announced it the post day of his birthday that is 15th March. The superstar decision left his fans disappointing.

Why Aamir quits it?

Everyone wants to know that what made Aamir left the platforms?

Aamir reverts on this question paparazzi as “Do not put your theories about me quitting social media. Main apni dhunki mein rehta hoon (I live by my will), and above all where am I on social media? I thought to myself that as it is I don`t share anything, so I decided to quit.”


Aamir has been asked by media person that how he will communicate with his fans now?

Aamir replies to this that, “We used to communicate before social media as well, and now with me quitting social media I think workload and responsibility of the media has increased as I will be interacting with the audience via the media. So, I think media should be happy. I trust the media completely.”


Aamir Khan Photograph:( Twitter )


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