‘Bridgerton’ may be a British regency romantic drama, but according to Nicola Coughlan, the show incorporated some contemporary comparisons, and we’re not talking about the classical cover of ‘Bad Guy.’

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Penelope Featherington, aka Lady Whistledown, spilled the tea, revealing that the actors were inspired by Kim Kardashian and her sisters when portraying the Featherington family on-screen.

“Does @KimKardashian know that the Kardashians were a huge inspiration for the Featheringtons and we spoke about them all the time during our fittings as the world’s number one @bridgerton Stan?” Coughlan tweeted. “Because I believe she should be aware.”

Kim couldn’t contain her enthusiasm when she read the tweet and stated that she had been unaware of this big information.

“Omg yesss of course we would love to have you!” Nicola said, clearly loving Kim’s idea.

This necessitated yet another “”OMG!” exclaimed Kim, who responded with a wink emoticon and the words, “I’m going to faint!!!!!!” Is this going to make me an honorary Duchess of Bridgerton?!?!? I am the Queen of Corsets!!!”
During the season

Source: timesofindia , Image: instagram


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