Since the news of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s breakup surfaced earlier this year, there have been remarks from everyone except the couple.

Kardashian mentioned the divorce in passing during the Keeping Up With the Kardashians reunion with presenter Andy Cohen on Thursday (she filed in February).

“What would you blame if I asked you straight up, ‘Why didn’t your marriage work?’” Cohen asked.

“I honestly don’t think I’d even say it here on TV,” Kardashian said, “but it wasn’t like, one specific thing that happened on either part.” “I believe this choice was based on a general difference of opinion on a few issues. And I wouldn’t want somebody to believe I didn’t try hard enough or that I didn’t give it my all.


She went on to say that she and West have a “wonderful co-parenting relationship.”

“I respect him so much, and you know, for a long time, he was my buddy first, first and foremost, so I don’t see that changing,” she remarked. “I will always be Kanye West’s biggest admirer. Kanye will always be family to me since he is the father of my children.”

Source: elle.
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