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Kim Kardashian Instagram account has made new headlines with her latest post that has given media new sparks of writing something about her. The Media Mogul is serious about her research – mainly for her look that she often change as per the season and holidays or even any time she want to celebrate. 

She is active on Instagram and often found captioning series of photos, “Studying in the Sun” and by different other lines. You can see her photos on Instagram – studying on a patio surrounded by palm trees. Her outfit like a beige string Bikini, a printed scarf pulled back over her hair, her sneakers, etc often lures her followers. She can be counted on to make research trendy a thing in a bikini and sneakers ensemble. 

Kim Kardashian Instagram account or Kim Kardashian Twitter account are updated with latest posts, her photographs and posts. Follow her and you will get updated news about her lifestyle, know about destinations, where celebrated her holidays and even everything that she wants to make public. 

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First Scoop provides you with news about Kim Kardashian Instagram and Twitter accounts. Her Twitter is blessed with her besties images feed. You will get different news and write-ups about Kim Kardashian on First Scoop like:

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  • Kim Kardashian would study in the sun while wearing a stunning string bikini. 
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  • Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Agreement of Joint Custody after taking divorce 

Daily news are published and make life about Kim Kardashian Twitter and Kim Kardashian Instagram Account that will keep you busy in knowing about her latest photographs and other news.