A popular polished writer , Who also acts as a journalist can face up to 3 years of prison. This punishment could be faced by Jakub for calling President Andrzej Duda as “Moron”.

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Mr Duda was accused by Jakub for failing to understand the United State electoral process. As he mentions In a tweet to Joe Biden. Mr.Duda tweet has not been efficient enough to recognise his victory. The pending electoral college confirmation, but hailed his “successful Campaign”.

Poland claims it as a crime that helps in insulting state leaders and the religion. The victory of Mr Baden on seventh November, President Duda tweets and mentions, “Congratulations to joe Biden for a successful president campaign.

Referring to the tweet in a Facebook post, Mr Zulczyk reverts b ack that he had studied US politics with a keen interest, and that he had “never heard of such a thing as Electoral College nomination”.


“Joe Biden is the 46th president of the USA,” he wrote, adding: “Andrzej Duda is a moron.”

Text used in the post was deemed “offensive” and “unacceptable”, prosecutors said.

Mr Zulczyk said he first learned of the charges against him through the media.

A well-known author in Poland, Mr Zulczyk’s 2014 novel Blinded by the Lights was later made into a TV series for HBO Europe.

Poland has nine different insult laws, including one that covers state symbols, and they all come with potential prison terms.

Source: BBC
Image Source: Google


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