Internet is the basic necessity of current World. Technology Updations are pacing too fast that people are expecting Blazing Fast internet. The Pandemic time have got us all the importance of internet and it had shut numerous physical stores and business. Internet is basis of living, business and earning these days.


To meet the increasing demand for bandwidth by consumers, Airtel has launched a 1 GBPS plan as part of Airtel Xstream fiber. If you’re not able to imagine exactly how fast 1 GBPS is, let’s give you an example: you can download a 4GB 4K video in only three minutes. Or download a 95GB game in under 20 minutes! And it’s an unlimited plan. So no matter what kind of an internet user you are, Airtel Xstream fiber has you covered.

But that’s not all, considering that most routers aren’t equipped to handle such high speeds, the telco has also introduced a category-first 1 GBPS router in India. Whereas people had to connect the LAN cable to tap into the full bandwidth earlier, now they can access this blazing speed over Wi-Fi with the new router. The dual-band, four antenna router also offers more stable connection in a wider range for several devices, so even families with a lot of devices can enjoy high speeds without any problems—no need to ask others to disconnect because you have an important video call. Stream, make calls, download files and more, all at the same time.


In addition to the router, users will get a complimentary Airtel Xstream Box that offers access to as many as 550 TV channels, a bank of over 10,000 movies and shows, and free OTT subscriptions. And finally, you get unlimited STD/local calls all across India free with the plan—truly a gift that keeps giving.

SOURCE: Hindustan Times.


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