Sangita Shrivastava, Vice-Chancellor of a prestigious University writes a letter to Prayagraj District Magistrate. She writes about complaining about the noise of mosques in the locality where she resides.

See The Note she writes to magistrate.

The title of the letter is “Noise Pollution in the Civil Lines, Prayagraj” which was written by Vice-Chancellor Sangita Shrivastava on March 3 to Bhanu Chandra Goswami, the topmost government official in the district.

It says that “the daily 5.30 am call to prayers, Azaan, from the nearby mosque disturbs her sleep and that she is unable to sleep after that. The sleep so disturbed does not resume even after trying very hard. This also results in a headache, throughout the day, causing losses in working hours,” the letter read.


Vice Chancellor writes as ” “An old adage says ‘your freedom ends where my nose begins’ this holds true here. I am not against any religion, caste or creed. They may perform the Azaan without the mike so that others are not disturbed. Even before Eid, they announce Sehri on the mike at 4.00 am. This practice also creates a disturbance to other people. The constitution of India envisages a secular and peaceful co-existence of all communities, which needs to be practiced in letter and spirit,”

A police official of Prayagraj confirms that they received a letter from Shrivastav.

Source: NDTV
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