Chinese legislator Hou Yun idea propose has been float and also to be follows commander with China’s People’s Liberation Army. Hou Yun In Tibet military command and he believes that advance drone should be deploy on borders.

Global Times Said: May Experts of China deploy GJ-1 and GJ-2 armed exploration drones.

Before China’s national people’s congress annual gathering of parliament, Hua Yun want to push their proposal on March 5.
Till date only small and medium size drones are been use. Short endurance and vulnerable to rain, they appears to be looser in facing challenges in missions. Conditions like foggy weather and rain can ruin the drone.

Drone Testing on Border in china

This view come up with new drone capabilities, which has been disclosed by Chinese troop in 2020 border clash. The Article disclosed in Wechat. This has been widely share accross in Chinese internet that time.

The Chinese military have harnessed the drone technology. It was September 2020, when Chinese press released this agenda via video claiming that drones have been delivering food to the soldiers near border of China & India.



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