A recognized Human Rights Group of Myanmar said a big statement. The statement reveals,”the civilian death toll in the junta crackdown has reached 550 since the Feb. 1 coup.

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Human Rights Group of Myanmar claims that, “The civilian death toll in the crackdown by the Myanmar junta has reached 550 since the Feb. 1 coup”. As per the group,”, 46 were children, according to Myanmar’s Assistance Association for Political Prisoners. Some 2,751 people have been detained or sentenced”.

Lethal Violence threats of protesters fails to suppress daily demonstration across Myanmar. They are demanding military to step down and reinstate democratically elected government.

Five people were in custody on Friday by police in civil dress. They shares the happening with CNN reporter in Yangon market. The local media reports that arresting has taken place in three separate incidents.


Myanmar Now news reports that, “Two women continuously shouting for help as they were about to arrest”. One police officer, who was carrying a gun, asks if “anyone dares to help them,” a witness claims to news person.

“They pointed their pistols at everyone—at passersby and at people in the store,” a witness said of two police officers who forcibly took away two other women in the market.


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