Chelsea has been not successful for the past 6 years to reach the UEFA quarterfinals. This year 2021 they have made their way into Quarter-Finals by beating Atletico Madrid on the score points 2-0.

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On Wednesday, Chelsea gives coach Thomas Tuchel’s rejuvenated Team win. The Superlative performance of Hakim Ziyech’s and Emerson Palmieri have made this win possible. The team has reached the last 8 at this competition for first tine since the year 2014.

After 34 minutes of the game Ziyech’s scores first goal, scoring 1-0. first-leg lead and Emerson Palmieri netted in stoppage time to seal a 3-0 aggregate win.


“This is another top performance with a deserved win,” Tuchel told BT Sport although he conceded he had been a “bit frightened” by the penalty scare.

“They tried to press up very high in the first half but they opened up some spaces in the back of the midfield and we could exploit it and then scored a fantastic goal. It gave us a lot of confidence,” he said.

Source: India Today
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