The Updates are already rolling out in Fortnite Season 6, which was launched just last week. The huge community of the game isn’t fully satisfied. A few In-game features, player,s and glitches are introduced. The speculation brings the time for the next update, which will be in sometime next week.

What Will Update Include?

March 23 was the first time when Fortnite gets its first update. This update helped the community members to get new weekly challenges along with upgraded raptor eggs spaced throughout the map.

On the same day, rumors hit the door for the next update. The participant of Season 6 is expecting the v16.10 update on Tuesday, as the previous one has also been on Tuesday.


Just Have a look at predictions and assumptions of participants.

Let’s see will new update releases this tuesday? If it releases it will definitely include challenges and new features. Plotting and mapping updates are expected. As per above tweet, Teen Titans Tower’s arrival is expected. While the specifics are not discernible at this time, an update is certainly coming.

Source: SportsKeeda
Image Source: Epic Games


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