On Thursday, the factional differences has put aside the factional differences of Northern Ireland sharing governments. For calming the frustration between Pro-British Unionist. That is because post-Brexit trade barriers helped trigger some of the worst violence in the region in years.

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Clashes have spread further into Irish Nationalist Areas, despite of appeals. On Thursday night where police responded to petrol bomb and stone attacks with water cannon. The White House joined the British and Irish governments in urging calm.

Hundreds of youths in the British province’s capital Belfast set a hijacked bus on fire and attacked police with stones on Wednesday in scenes reviving memories of decades of sectarian and political strife that claimed some 3,600 lives prior to a 1998 peace deal.

A week of violence has injured 55 police officers and seen boys as young as 13 and 14 arrested on rioting charges.


“We are gravely concerned by the scenes we have all witnessed on our streets,” the compulsory coalition, led by rival pro-Irish Catholic nationalists and pro-British Protestant unionists, said in a statement.

“While our political positions are very different on many issues, we are all united in our support for law and order and we collectively state our support for policing,” the statement said.

The British and Irish Prime Ministers held talks, while the White House press secretary said the Biden administration was concerned. The U.S. State Department warned that the Good Friday Agreement, the 1998 peace accord, must not become “a casualty” of Brexit.

Source: Reuters


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