An old cause is on focus by the first lady Jill Biden. She is working upon supporting America’s military families. On Wednesday, She announced the next chapter of military family support program.

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During Obama Administration, Michelle Obama the First-lady then led this program. Joe Biden Claims that, “military families are as important as a rudder is to a ship and that supporting their physical, social and and emotional health is a national security imperative.”

As per information obtained by the associated press, they share a few speech details. They mentioned that, the First lady in her speech mentions,” “We have an all-volunteer force, and it continues only because generations of Americans

see the honor, dignity and patriotism of this calling.

She questions the listeners there. Asks in her context that, “How can we hope to keep our military strong?”. If we don’t give our families, survivors and caregivers what they need to thrive? If we don’t act on our sacred obligation?”

Biden said her relaunch of the Joining Forces initiative will focus on employment and entrepreneurship. It will provide opportunities for military families, education for the more than two million children with enlisted parents, and the overall health and well-being of these families.

Source: Times Of India

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