United States President Joe Biden is planning to announce a series of executive actions. On Thursday, aiming at curbing gun violence.

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As per the reports of Politico first, Jen Psaki appears to confirm it. She is acting as a news and press secretary currently. During a press conference, she did not elaborate on the details and confirm the same.

The expected actions will focus on tightening restrictions on so-called “ghost guns”. Homemade or makeshift firearms that do not have serial numbers. The announcement comes after several high-profile shootings and pressure from Democrats and advocacy groups.


Politico report said that,” While the White House declined to comment on any potential gun-related actions, a senior administration official recently confirmed that the administration was concluding its actions and could announce them in stages”.

Biden has been facing pressure to act more swiftly on gun control measures, and 100 House Democrats wrote to him last week urging him to take action on concealed assault-style firearms, which are similar guns to the one used in a Colorado shooting last month that killed 10 people.

Source: USNews

Image Source: UsNews


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