Kangana Ranaut has launched a trailer of her upcoming Real-life story drama “Thalaivi”. It is a trilingual film that will be releasing across cinemas next month. The Languages will be Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi.

Kangana Gives a Big Statement!

Kangana Ranaut said at the launch said that “there may be nepotism in the South film industry but there is no groupism and gangism”.

She mentions that “Since Thalaivi is the culmination of many industries, one thing that I have noticed in the South film industries–be it Tamil or Telugu–is that there may be nepotism in the South film industry but there is no groupism and gangism. There’s no subjecting outsiders to bullying.”

Adding to her note she said,“They are very supportive and inclusive of people who come from outside. And the kind of love and encouragement I have experienced here, I don’t want to leave. I’m here now. I hope to do many more films here.”


Speaking about her accent for the role of Jaya, Kangana said, “My accent is nowhere close to being right. Tamil particularly is very difficult like Sanskrit. I had done the film now but I don’t think he has okayed the accent till now. While I was on roll, he was still auditioning and told me that I have found a crystal clear accent that I was looking for in Hyderabad. So, obviously, he has rejected me long ago.”

Source: Hindustan Times
Image Source: Facebook


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