A divorced is filed by Kim Kardashian from Kanye West last month. According to Kanye,”the divorce will not actually happen and “hasn’t filed a response to Kim’s divorce filing.”

Is this a Divorce Game, Kim is Playing?

Kanye, 43 year old rapper, in conversation with Hollywood Life. West claims that,” he don’t believe that Kim will actually take divorce. Adding to the conversation”because he still doesn’t accept that Kim will see the divorce through to completion.”

As per the source, he mentions “He knows how Kim is and he knows that she does not want to do this”. According to Kanye the situation is  “move in a chess game”. Kanye is living in Wyoming Ranch and Kim is living in her $60 Million Mansion Currently. A source revealed that “He’s doing fine, though, despite everything.”


The Source continues as,” He seems to have no plans of filing a response anytime soon, either. Her whole family is stunned.”

Source: Mirror
Image: Getty Images


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