Reportedly, Microsoft has been awarded ten year contract, that worth approx $22 Billion. The contract is to provide 12,000 Augmented Reality (AR) military- grade headsets to United States Army.

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AR technology is associates with superimposing digital images over real- world environments. As Pokemon Go and Face filters , this too is popular through mobile apps.

The interface of AR commission by the United States Military is referred as an IVAS. IVAS stands for Integrated Visual Augmentation System. Microsoft Holo Lens Technology will be used as it acts as a base hardware.

Once the press note from army releases, the device will be in use. It will help soldier to co-ordinate and implement sensing technologies on the battle field.


Features expects to be including machine learning, thermal sensors and a digital heads up display. The features are tailor-made to create realistic training simulations and enhance soldiers “situational awareness.”

The news follows the previous announcement by Microsoft. It reveals that US $ 480 Million military contract for developing and supplying IVAS prototypes to the army in 2018.

Microsoft is all set to fortify its position as one of the highest value US defence contractors.

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