National UFO Reporting center is United States investigation organization. NUFORC takes charge of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) sightings and Alien contacts.

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Reporting Center of UFO have given a big statement. They said that,”UFO sightings increased tremendously during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic”. They have spotted approx 1000 additional UFO’s as compared to 2019 during Corona Virus time, that is year 2020.

The total sighting spotted were 7,200. This is the highest spike recorded in New York. The sighting has just doubled, the reason behind that could be people residing into their house. Many People has left the city too due to lockdown.


March and April were the months when most of the UFO sighting have registered in reports. NY also peculiarly witnessed the spike in UFO sightings.

Source: Wio News

Image: Google


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