Chief Minister of Karnataka B.S. Yediyurappa says ” No addition of taxes for common people added”. On 8th March, International Women’s Day, he adds a proposal have been made that allows six months of child care for woman employee.

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Yediyurappa presents his third budget today. He mentions that “Against the budgeted estimates, we are expecting to spend at least 94% of the total expenditure. This is the result of strict fiscal discipline in the initial months of the Financial Year and the recovery of the state’s economy in the last quarter. From such points of financial constraints, this is a balanced budget bringing relief in a difficult situation.”

He adds ” Rs 5,372 crore for tackling the pandemic and 63.59 lakh beneficiaries of different sectors have been given assistance. About 1.91 crore people have undergone RT-PCR tests since the end of February. Free treatment to 9.53 Lakhs patients. 90 lakh food packets at construction sites to laborers. Assistance to 16.45 lakh construction workers, 11,770 artisans, and 51 lakh farmers.

Source: Indian Express

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