Pamela Adnderson, previously married to Tommy Lee, Rick Salomon, Jon Peters and Kid Rock. she recently chooses Bodyguard Dan Hayhurst as her husband.

How Pamela enjoyed her 6th Wedding?

53-Year-Old actress Pamela marries her Bodyguard. As per Daily Mail, “in an intimate backyard ceremony at Ms. Anderson’s home in Vancouver Island, Canada.” Dan Hayhurst is Canadian like Pamela. He also lives on Vancouver Island. The couple reportedly fell in love during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Pamela mentions to Daily Mail, “I was married on the property I bought from my grandparents 25 years ago. This is where my parents were married and they are still together. I feel like I’ve come full circle. I think this romantic property has a lot of healing energy. I’m at peace here. It’s a big property but a few people passing by could see the fairytale gown with the long Princess Diana veil dragging in the mud. Heaven.”


On 26 January, she announces the break from social media, where she mentioned that:

This will be my last post on Instagram
Twitter or Facebook

I’ve never been interested in social media
now that Im settled into the life Im genuinely inspired by
reading and being in nature
I am free

Thanks for the love
Blessings to
you all

Lets hope you find the strength and inspiration to follow
your purpose
and try not to be seduced
by wasted
time ?

That’s what THEY want and can use to make money
over your brain-

Source: NDTV Instagram
Image Source: Yahoo


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