Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday addressed an incident in speech. He mentions an issue of the toolkit saying it was a ploy to defame India’s tea industry and Yoga on the global stage.

How Priyanka’s Counter Attacked on Modi Ji?

Narendra Modi was accusing the Congress of being in cahoots with the people plotting against Yoga and Tea. Without mentioning specific names, he referred to the “Toolkit” that found mention in the environment activist Greta Thunberg’s recent tweet, which she shares with fellow activist Disha Ravi.

PM Modi Says, “The people of Assam and India will never forgive the Congress for playing with the state’s tea, respect, and dignity, as well as the lives of lakhs of tea workers.”

Priyanka responds to Narendra Modi’s charge as “If he is so distressed about a tweet by a 22-year-old, why does he not feel the same about the Assam floods? Where was he when the state was reeling under devastating floods and was on the boil over CAA?”


She adds ” “The Prime Minister said the Congress had ‘insulted Assamese people and culture.’ Now tell me, which party has given Assam a leader as great as Hiteshwar Saikia? Which party has given Assam a Chief Minister of Tarun Gogoi’s stature? Both devoted their lives to Assam and Congress. Had they still been around, they would have never hurt Assam’s culture. They would have never brought in something like the CAA.”

Source: Indian Express

Image: Google


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