The Russian government on Monday reveals a big statement. The statement says,” Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law that could keep him in office in the Kremlin until 2036.

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The Legislation has allowed Putin to run two more six-years terms. His current stint will end in 2024. Last Year the changes to constitution has made.

Putin is currently serving his second consecutive term acting as a president. It is his forth time, when he is in power to lead. the alterations were backed in public vote last year. This allows Putin to remain in power till age of 83, who is currently 68-Years-old.


The reform, which critics cast as a constitutional coup, was packaged with an array of other amendments that were expected to accumulate popular support, such as one bolstering pension protections.

The law signed, limits any future president to two terms in office, but resets his term count. It prevents anyone who has held foreign citizenship from running for the Kremlin.

Source: Reuters

Image: Getty Images


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