One of the top Russian officials says that” The United States President Joe Biden must apologize and take back  “boorish” allegations that Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin is a killer.

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Konstantin Kosachyov, Deputy Speaker of upper house writes on Facebook that,” Biden’s remark is a “watershed” in relations and “unacceptable in any circumstances.” Moscow’s reaction on this is recalling its US Ambassador and saying ” won’t be the last unless there are an explanation and an apology from the American side.”

Late Wednesday, the foreign ministry announces that, it was summoning Ambassador Anatoly Antonov for consultation in a statement. Warning of the risks of “an irreversible deterioration in relations” with the new U.S. administration, the ministry said Russia still hopes to reverse the downward spiral in ties.


The diplomatic demarche came after Biden agrees with ABC News. Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos in an interview that Putin was a killer. He also mentions that “the Russian leader would “pay a price” for alleged meddling in US elections.”

Source: NDTV


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