A giant container ship has caused the blockage of Egypt. As per Merchant Seaman “Traffic Jam” in the Red sea has occurred due to the ship as he is on Nearby Ship.

Know what people has to say about it?

The Chief engineer of the Maersk Ohio, Joe Reynolds mention conversed with BBC. He told that “the number of vessels waiting at the canal’s southern entrance was “growing exponentially”. He warns as, “It’s going to affect shipping schedules around the world.”

Adding to the note he mentions “I think you can imagine there was a queue of ships waiting to go through, to begin with, and now that queue has just grown exponentially,” he said. “Standing outside, as you look, everywhere around your ship.”

He says, there was still a lot of work to be done on board his ship, and that he and his fellow crew members had not yet had a chance to communicate with the other vessels.


In reference to British Motorway he mentions,”It’s just a long waiting game. There’s not a lot to see… We are ships sitting at anchor, just waiting as if you were in a traffic jam on the M5.”

Dredgers and Tugboats are trying to dislodge the ever given that is wedged diagonally across the waterway. 1,300 feet long and 2,00,000 tonne vessel ran aground on Tuesday. Because of that high winds and sandstorms affected visibility.

Salvage specialist companies have came for helping ship to re-float. An Adviser mentions to the President that the situation will be under control in 2-3 days. But experts claims that , it may take a week too as, vessel containers are required to remove.

A substitute route , around the cape of Good hope on the sourthern tip of Africa will take 2 weeks longer.

Source: BBC

Image Source : maxartechnologies


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