Prosector in taiwan on Saturday said,” they questioned the owner of an unmanned truck that rolled onto a rail track and caused the country’s worst train disaster in decades that killed 50 people and injured 178, though no charges have been filed.”

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The Taiwan Railways Administration given a statement on this incident. They said, “The train was carrying 494 people at the start of a long holiday weekend on Friday when it smashed into the construction truck that slid down a hillside above the tracks”.

“Many passengers were crushed just before the train entered a tunnel, while some survivors were forced to climb out of windows and walk along the train’s roof to safety.” Administration shared.


51 deaths were reported previously by administration. As per governments disaster relief center, the emergency brakes of truck were not active.

Taiwan’s President visit to hospital. Tsai said, “This heartbreaking accident that causes many injuries and deaths. I came to Hualien today to visit the injured and express my condolences to the deceased passengers’ families”.

He adds to it “We will surely help them in the aftermath.” Tsai reveals to reporters that she asked the Transportation Safety Committee to conduct a strict investigation.

Source: India Today

Image: Google


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