U.S President Joe Biden will host Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Saga on 16th April. This is revealed by U.S. administration on Friday.

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Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga will be the first foreign leader to be received by Biden. Only virtual meetings with officials have been done till date by Biden.  The top government officials of foreign countries have not been landing to white house for meetings.

Chief Cabinet secretary Katsunobu Kato conversed with reporter. He tells that, “That by itself is proof that the United States places importance on Japan.”  “It is also significant as we demonstrate the strength of the Japan-U.S. alliance and the U.S. commitment to engage in the Indo-Pacific region.”


“We have been arranging (Suga’s visit) in the earlier half of April, but the date is set on April 16. As we aim to take all possible measures to ensure success of the prime minister’s U.S. visit and preparations for it,” Mr. Kato said.

Tokyo is hoping strengthening of U.S-Japan Alliance. As it is considered as cornerstone of it’s security and foreign policy. Discussing the ways of co-operation on handling China, North Korea and advance a joint vision on a “free and open Indo-Pacific”. This will promote rule-based order in the region. Climate change and the fight against the pandemic are also among key issues.

Mr. Kato Said,“We will reconfirm coordination and cooperation between Japan and the United States.”

Source: The Hindu

Image Source: Google


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