According to the New York Times, the US government prevented a Baltimore manufacturing plant from developing the vaccine produced by AstraZeneca Plc after it destroyed 15 million doses of Johnson & Johnson’s Covid-19 vaccine.

J&J said in a statement that it was “taking full responsibility for drug product manufacturing at the Emergent BioSolutions Inc. Bayview facility for its Covid-19 vaccine.”

According to the New York Times, AstraZeneca said in a statement that it would collaborate with President Joe Biden’s administration to find a new venue. A request for comment from the pharmaceutical firm was not answered.


According to a newspaper article citing two senior federal health officials, the decision by the US Department of Health and Human Services would dedicate the Emergent Bio Solutions facility solely to producing the Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccine, and is intended to prevent potential mix-ups.

Even if AstraZeneca’s vaccine is approved, the US government’s top infectious disease doctor told Reuters that the country does not need it.

Source: timesofindia
Image Source: gettyimages


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