Interference of Chinese state-backed hackers group into India’s power plant infrastructure continues. Recently Indian’s expertise notices one such activity. It reveals on Tuesday at a webinar by US- based cyber security organization.

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Charity Wright in conversation with NTPC infrastructure says that ” We have observed significant, sustained, high volume traffic from Indian power sector assets to Red Echo infrastructure. The infrastructure is still active with the last observation on 28th February. After the plantation of Malware, the compromised system starts communicating with the hacker’s server.


On March 1, the Massachusetts-based organization had released a report about Red Echo’s attempts to “infiltrate” India’s power plants by planting malware identified as shadow pad in the least 10 power plants and two seaports. Cyber Security experts in India said the rising instances of these intrusions are cause for concern. We don’t know what system had been compromised, it could have been a harmless administrative server.

Source: Times of India

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