A Coal mine in Xinjiang, The Northwest region of China undergoes heavy flood. 29 miners were stuck inside, among 29, eight were rescued successfully and 21 remains there.

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A Chinese state news agency Xinhua covers the report on sunday. He said, “A part of the mine flooded leading to power outages. Just after 6 p.m. local time Saturday when 29 miners were working at the mine located in Xinjiang’s Hutubicounty.

State Media Outlet Global Times reports, “said 12 of the miners who remain trapped have been located in the mine as of Sunday and are expected to be rescued, while a further nine workers have not been located.”


The workers who have been rescued has been standing near a banner that says, home is waiting for your return”. The banner was at entrance of the mine. Mines of China are recognized to be deadliest in word.

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Image Source :CNN


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