A Pre-Poll survey at West Bengal results as Mamata Banerjee’s led TMC is likely to retain power in WB. This will be the third consecutive term but this time it will be with a slight reduction in the majority. This poll is been conducted by Times Now-C-Voter.

Check out BJP and Congress seats.

There are 294 member Assembly in West Bengal, As per the poll, TMC is expected to win around 146 to 162 seats.

Bharatiya Janata Party acts as a strong Competition to TMC. The number of seats by the saffron party is inclining in the graph and expecting that 99 to 115 seats are for BJP. Congress alliance is a smaller political force over there currently. As per the Poll, the party can expect 29 to 37 seats out of 294 seats.

In the 294-member West Bengal Assembly, the magic figure is 148.

Source: Timesnoenews

Image: Instagram


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