Rajnath Sigh who is currently acting as a Defense Minister for India claims that,” Bharatiya Janta Party will establish the government in West Bengal”.

Rajnath Singh Comments on Mamata Banerjee.

He says that,” West Bengal CM Mamata is blaming Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for her leg injusry, in her desperation to win elections. ”

He adds “No one levelled allegations except Mamata didi. The reports of probe agencies and observers state that the accident occurred due to security lapses.” Further he mention that “But it’s a result of her desperation that she is accusing BJP for her injury. I hope she recovers soon.


Rajnath Says ,”The numbers in 2019 Lok Sabha polls is an indication of the change that is going to happen in Bengal with the upcoming state Legislative Assembly election,”

He adds “People have supported us. We got more number of seats in the second term. If we had not run government properly then we would not have achieved a majority in 2019 polls,”  He also claims that, “Congress and the Left parties have lost their political significance in the country.”



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