Devin Booker’s flagrant foul at the end of Game 3 on Thursday night did not sit well with Anthony Davis.

Booker was ejected in the last minute of his Phoenix Suns’ 109-95 loss to the Los Angeles Lakers for a harsh foul. While driving to the basket, Booker gave Dennis Schroder a hefty push.

TNT interviewed Davis after the game and asked him about the play.

It’s not going to happen. I’m afraid I won’t be able to achieve that. It’s playoff basketball, so they’ve been chirping, but you don’t push a guy like that… It’s a shady game. “Dennis could have been seriously injured right there,” Davis explained.


They accept that hard fouls are a part of playoff basketball, but a purposeful shove like that is different and might result in harm, according to Davis.

He is not mistaken. That was a sleazy, uncalled-for act by Booker, who was behaving badly as his team fell behind 2-1.

Source: larrybrownsports
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