Anthony Davis navigated uncomfortable terrain in the first few minutes of his first game in over two months.

It had little to do with his right calf, which he said he had hardly given much thought to after spending the previous two months strengthening and rehabbing. It did, however, have something to do with some discomfort on the right… side of the court.

Davis, 28, is totally well, but he’s also working out how to get where he wants to go, according to him. This was evident in his first minutes against the Mavericks in Dallas. It’s also a metaphor for the Lakers, who have been treading water for the majority of his absence and are now looking for the proverbial “extra gear” that the best teams pursue in the playoffs.


Davis’ first game appearances are effectively practises, and Vogel was optimistic that his minutes would increase quickly after his 17-minute start on Thursday. However, some of the puzzle pieces are starting to fall into place.

“He has an effect on both ends of the field, but his defence was outstanding,” Vogel said. “I believe he resumed where he left off. When he’s trained and has his legs under him, I believe he’s the best defensive player in the league.

Source: dailybreeze
Image: dailybreeze


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