LeBron James will have a say in the Lakers’ decisions, but he says he trusts general manager Rob Pelinka.

Following the Lakers’ first-round exit last week, some players on the roster argued that the team should return in free agency. They didn’t include LeBron James.

Given the busy end of the season, this subtext has slipped under the radar, but James was asked directly after Game 6 if he felt this squad “deserves another shot in any form.”

He resisted.

“I believe Rob (Pelinka) has done an outstanding job of building this squad over the previous few years and will continue to do so. James remarked, “I’ll have some input, he always asks for my advice, he has AD’s advice, but at the end of the day, we want to keep becoming better.” “I trust Rob, Kurt, and everyone upstairs who does their homework, as well as our coaching staff.”


Source: silverscreenandroll
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