After reportedly declining a four-year, $84 million offer from the Los Angeles Lakers, Dennis Schroder is an unrestricted free agent this offseason.

During the season The Lakers should be grateful that Schroder declined,
because that contract would have been an overpay given what happened after


While Schroder could put up impressive box score statistics when his usage
rate was high, it became evident that he was not a good match with LeBron James
and Anthony Davis. As a point guard, he’s a ball-stopper in the worst sense,
and he won’t be able to compete with LeBron James.

There is one scenario that makes the most sense from a probability standpoint
for Dennis Schroder this summer out of all the possibilities.

While anything can happen in the NBA, a Dennis Schroder sign-and-trade is a
serious possibility worth keeping an eye on. These kinds of transactions aren’t
uncommon, but it’s a rare instance in which they can benefit both the player
and the team.

And sure, this means Schroder will almost certainly play for another team
next season, as he should. He simply is not a great fit for this team

Source: lakeshowlife
Image Source: gettyimages


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