Danny Green knows what he’s doing. No, not only as a seasoned player in this league, but also as someone who has been a member of championship teams.

Green has won rings with the Los Angeles Lakers, Toronto Raptors, and San Antonio Spurs, among others.

Danny Green would be able to return to the Los Angeles Lakers’ system, which he is well familiar with.

Green will be 34 years old this season, but he is far from old. He was already familiar with the team and fit in well with the roster. Green had better numbers this season than Wes Matthews, so he’d be an upgrade. Another legitimate deep threat would be beneficial to the Lakers. Green would be a fantastic fit for that role if they are unable to find other players who suit the bill.


Green is also a legitimate deep threat, whereas KCP and Matthews aren’t. He’s more productive there, and he appears to be playing at a high level for his age, which is fantastic.

Unless the Lakers decide to re-sign Matthews and/or Ben McLemore, they should seriously consider pursuing Danny Green once more.

Source: lakeshowlife
Image Source: gettyimages


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