Following Chelsea’s victory, Eden Hazard got himself into some hot water by getting a little too close with some of his buddies who remained at the club.

He was undoubtedly very careful in striking the correct tones when asked about Chelsea’s victory in Saturday’s final after defeating Real Madrid in the Champions League semifinals.

“Of course [I did not celebrate], I’m a Real Madrid player so I am not happy. I am just happy for a couple of friends in the team, but I hope next season it’s for Real Madrid.” He said

Hazard’s tenure at Real has been a catastrophe, even before his public relations gaffe, and the local press is clamouring for him to leave. Eden, on the other hand, has dreamed of making this move since he was a child, and he’s not going to quit up just because a few jerks with microphones are making a racket.

While his immediate emphasis is on the forthcoming European Championships with Belgium, he will return to work at Real in the following months in the hopes of making up for the last two seasons. Hazard’s contract is up in three years, and he has no intention of returning to Chelsea.

Source: weaintgotnohistory
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