At this point, here’s what you need to know about the Uefa Europa Conference League…

What is the the Europa Conference League?

The Europa Conference League is a new European football club competition that was first revealed by Uefa in 2019. It will begin in the 2021/22 season and will continue until at least 2024.

It will be Europe’s third most prestigious club competition, after the Champions League and Europa League, and is designed to increase inclusivity in European football by providing more opportunities for clubs from smaller Uefa member associations.

The winners will earn a place in the Europa League group stage the following season.

How the Europa Conference League works:

The Europa Conference League will have four qualification rounds before the group stage, plus a play-off round, with a total of 184 teams participating at some point.

The competition itself will feature 32 teams divided into eight groups of four, with the group winners qualifying for the last 16 automatically.

The runners-up from each division, on the other hand, will have to compete against the third-placed teams in their respective groups during next season’s Europa League, which will be reduced from 48 to 32 teams.


When does the Europa Conference League start?

The official website of Uefa has compiled a list of all the main Europa Conference League dates…

First qualifying round: 8 and 15 July

Second qualifying round: 22 and 29 July

Third qualifying round: 5 and 12 August

Play-off round: 19 and 26 August

Group stage match dates: 16 and 30 September, 21 October, 4 and 25 November, 9 December

Knockout round play-offs: 17 and 24 February

Round of 16: 10 and 17 March

Quarter-finals: 7 and 14 April

Semi-finals: 28 April and 5 May

Final: 25 May

Who can qualify for the Europa Conference League?

Tottenham currently hold that position going into Sunday’s final round of 2020/21 fixtures, but they can still qualify for the Europa League if they defeat Champions League-chasing Leicester and sixth-placed West Ham lose at home to Southampton.

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