Earvin “Magic” Johnson understands that in order for the Los Angeles Lakers to return, they must make significant adjustments this offseason.


01: Magic Anthony Davis should stop whining about not wanting to play centre, according to Johnson.

02: The Lakers, according to Johnson, require a shooter to assist LeBron James and Davis.

03: James should take a step back to rehabilitate, according to the Lakers veteran.

He’s well aware that the Lakers depended heavily on LeBron James and Anthony Davis last season, despite the fact that both were not 100 percent healthy.

The Lakers are anticipated to make some moves this summer, but it will not be simple.

The reason for this is their financial predicament, which requires them to sell some assets.

Kyle Kuzma is the most well-known name mentioned. The 25-year-old is the lone survivor of a group of promising young players who were expected to be the franchise’s future.


Kuzma has struggled to fit in with the All-Star lineup, and many believe it would be in his best interests for him to go on to a another team and break out of his shell.

Former Lakers Julius Randle, Brandon Ingram, Jordan Clarkson, and Lonzo Ball have all risen to prominence in recent years, and Kuzma could follow in their footsteps.

If Johnson’s idea, which he made on ESPN’s KJZ, is taken seriously, the Lakers will be looking for a shooter this summer. This might relieve some of the pressure on James and Davis, particularly in terms of scoring.

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