Indian Premier League is helping develop India’s Bench Strength says the Great Batsman “Sachin Tendulkar”. As the performance of newcomers, Ishan Kishan and Surya Kumar are superlative in T20I against England. The Master Blaster attributes that.

Sachin’s Comment in Conversation!

“With the help of IPL, I have seen Surya batting on Jofra Bowls and there was Nothing new to him as the commentator says” Sachin Explains

Master Blaster mentions ” Sport unifies everyone, no matter which part of the country you come from, which caste, creed, nothing, your bank balance, the sport doesn’t recognize anything. It only recognizes the way you play.


“Both Archer and Stokes Play for Rajasthan Royals. Which is why, Surya knows what they do and this experience allows Surya to play well against both of them and he played well” adds Sachin.

Tendulkar also mentions that ” The bench strength of our team is these players, It is really strong. So, that is the beauty of cricket now, that there are so many players, who are ready to go out.

Source: TOI
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