Tiger woods, who have met a car crash on February 23. He is recovering in Los Angeles at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. The Golf magician took to Harbor UCLA first, where he underwent emergency treatment of one of his lower leg.

Cedar-Sinai Medical Center is well recognize for it’s privacy and high profile patients. Tiger is focusing on his recovery and looking forward to re-unite with his kids.

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Tiger is father to two kids, daughter, Sam Alexis-13-year-old and Son, Charlie Axel- 11-year-old. Tiger and Elin took divorce in the year 2010 and parted their ways. Daughter Sam lives with Tiger and son Charlie lives with Elin in Florida.

“Tiger has been in contact with his kids, but while he recovers, he’s fine with them being with Elin in Florida,” a source close to the golf icon told HollywoodLife, exclusively, explaining, “He feels that it would be too dramatic for them to see their dad hurt. He’s reassured them that he’s getting better each day and everything’s going to be alright. Everyone’s taking things day by day.
Tiger being too private in his personal life, Tiger does not want children to be there in front of media and leverage the privacy.

Source: Washington Dailies


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