The World is suffering pandemic times and it is in need of Vaccination. Indian Prime Minister “Narendra Modi” is helping the neighboring countries with efficient Corona Virus Vaccine. A renowned cricketer also tweets as a token of thanks for his help.

Which Cricketer Thanked Narendra Modi?


The Indian cricket captain has become the real king of social media. On Instagram, he became the world’s first Indian and only cricketer with 100 million followers. The ICC, the highest cricket body in the world, also congratulated him in a tweet. Virat has made the country proud by his superlative talent inside and outside the field. He is number 4 in the list of athlete across the globe.

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Indian Premier League is one of the most awaited leagues in India. The selection criteria of players depend upon their performance in previous matches. The basic Trophy that helps players enroll in IPL is Ranji Trophy. This year due to COVID, the Ranji trophy has not taken place. Domestic Tournaments like Saeed Mustak Ali and Vijay Hazare trophies have acted as selection criteria.