A Dramatic win by Sevilla at a last-second equalizer in La Liga Clash with Valladolid. This match held on Saturday and the goal came from unexpected sources.

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The scores were 2-0, Desperate to try retrieve a single point from the match. The Goalkeeper Yassine Bono for Sevilla ran the length of the pitch. joins the attack for his teams final corner of the game.

A mix-up in Valladolid defense allows the ball to enter the net as the striker points it well to enter it in the net. Sevilla on the club website mentions that “It’s a difficult feeling to describe because I didn’t know how to celebrate it.” He adds that “It’s very strange, but, well, my teammates are happy because we deserved more.”

“Two years ago, I came close to scoring here with Girona and that memory came back to me, so I could go up with the manager’s permission. The goal fell to me and I am very thankful.” As per Sevilla,” It is the second time in La Liga history that a goalkeeper had scored from open play, with the first being Deportivo’s Daniel Aranzubia against Almería back in 2011″.

Source:  CNN