For nearly seven weeks, the Brooklyn Nets star has not appeared in an NBA game. Kevin Durant was asked a lot of questions about his injured left hamstring, which has kept him out of the game for the past 20 days.

“I’m in great shape,” Durant said before the Nets’ game against the Charlotte Hornets on Thursday. “It feels like I’ll be able to be out there with my teammates soon.”

Durant, on the other hand, didn’t just talk about his injury and subsequent recovery. Durant also expressed regret for a Twitter direct message dispute with comedian Michael Rapaport, a private exchange that Rapaport made public due to Durant’s repeated personal insults, homophobic slurs, and profanity.

“I’m sorry that the language I used was seen by some,” Durant said. “It’s not the kind of thing I want people to see or hear from me. But I’m hoping to get over it and back on the board.”
Durant is popular on social media, and he often responds to journalists and fans who criticize him.

Source: usatoday
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