Washington: After 2 deadly shootings in below per week in Atlanta, and Boulder, Colorado, rocked the state, President Joe Biden is facing questions about what actions he can support to extend gun control.

President Joe Biden referred to as weekday for a US ban on assault weapons, when the country’s second mass shooting during a week lefts ten individual dead in Colorado and sparked urgent new calls for gun control.

Biden said “We will ban assault weapons, and high capability magazines during this country yet again,” same Biden, recalling that Congress antecedent overcame its divisions to pass 10-year ban on such weapons back in 1994.

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The Updates are already rolling out in Fortnite Season 6, which was launched just last week. The huge community of the game isn’t fully satisfied. A few In-game features, player,s and glitches are introduced. The speculation brings the time for the next update, which will be in sometime next week.

What Will Update Include?


Amazon Prime Videos are stepping up with producing their first-ever Bollywood film. This film is Akshay Kumar Starrer “Ram Setu”.

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Amazon Prime along with Cape of Good Films, Abundantia Entertainment, and Lyca Productions will produce this Bollywood project. The Head of Content for Amazon Prime Vijay Subramanium confesses that “We are delighted to further take a step into co-producing by collaborating with a film that highlights our Indian heritage.”

Amazon Prime Video and two studios will be producing “Ram Setu”.

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