The hot topic nowadays is Microsoft is going to buy a messaging platform Discord Inc. For this platform, Microsoft will be investing around $10 Billion. This is as per the reports of Bloomberg News.

To Whom Discord Has Reached?

Discord has been reaching out to potential buyers and as per reports Microsoft is one of them. An individual claims that it is more likely to go public than sell itself.

Venture Beat reports that,”Discord did not exploring a sale and it was in final talks with the party.”

When asked to Microsoft about the matter it declined the same. Whereas, Discord did not reacted to any of the related questions of Reuters.


The strengthening of video games is now at aim for Xbox Maker. Last year, It has offering the video game with $7.5 Billion acquisition of ZeniMax Media. This is proven as biggest gaming acquisition ever.

The gaming companies has boosted the prospectus in pandemic Era. During lockdown, people were more interested in playing video games and entertainment.

Along with gaming businesses, Microsoft is also seeking to invest in Social media platforms. A report from Financial Times Claims that,”Microsoft is interested in buying Pinterest Inc.”

Source : Reuters

Image Source: Instagram


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